Spread Love with Homemade Treats: A Home Baker’s Inspirational Story

by TheSpot
Care Package Bakes Treats

It was a bright crisp day when I headed towards a charming Main Line neighborhood for a meeting. Upon reaching the delightful Philadelphia suburb residence, I hoped it was the correct address. Elisa Ludwig, the proprietor of Care Package Bakes, warmly invited me inside. The vibrant decor immediately caught my attention as we exchanged a few words before making our way to the kitchen. I was immediately in awe as the kitchen exuded openness, brightness, and warmth- a baker’s dream for creating memorable care packages. A sense of peace washed over me instantly. Elisa’s creations were meticulously displayed, colorful, visually appealing, and beautifully packaged. I was delighted to meet Elisa, having been impressed by her Instagram page. Elisa is a home baker specializing in crafting “care packages” filled with homemade treats.

Like many women, she transformed her passion into a thriving business. Elisa’s love for baking began in her youth, influenced by her mother who worked as a caterer and cafe owner. She gained valuable culinary knowledge and basic skills, as well as understanding the importance of presentation. Elisa attributes her ability to prioritize visual appeal in food to her early experiences. She commenced her career as a food writer for various publications in Philadelphia, where she also tested recipes and refined her culinary expertise. Elisa stresses the significance of these testing experiences in her journey.

Elisa Ludwig, Home Baker

During the pandemic, Elisa, like many other parents, had to put her own products on hold in order to prioritize her son’s schoolwork. In addition, Elisa and her husband had to give up their love for entertaining at home., as that part of their lives came to a halt. However, amidst the isolation, Elisa found moments of inspiration that led her back to her first love, baking, as a means of reconnecting with others. She believed that baking could serve as a conduit to reunite with her friends. Interestingly, Elisa humorously refers to herself as the “neighborhood baking lady.” What started as an idea quickly gained momentum. We discussed how life was before and after the pandemic, and starting her own business became a way for Elisa to establish connections with people. She takes pleasure in creating her baked goods for various individuals.

Elisa emphasizes the significance of quality in her product. She produces her goods in small quantities and dedicates time to carefully select specific and high-quality ingredients. According to her, her treats are not merely meant for mindless consumption, but rather to provide an exceptional experience. Her objective is to evoke emotions and foster the sharing of special occasions. Elisa’s range of offerings includes raspberry and chocolate chip strawberry cookies, coconut cakes with marshmallow frosting, and a seasonal assortment that is constantly changing. Elisa expresses that her business serves as her creative outlet and brings her immense satisfaction. So, where does Elisa find inspiration for her creations? She draws inspiration from her mother’s recipes and enjoys experimenting with different combinations. For Elisa, the joy lies in the process of creating and personalizing her treats.

We were given the chance to bring home our very own assortment of treats, and we can confidently say that each treat offered a delightful explosion of distinct flavors and textures. Every bite is meant to be relished, as no two treats are alike. If you’re looking to give a gift or commemorate a special person or occasion in a truly exceptional way, Care Package Bakes is the shop you should reach out to. We advise against waiting too long, as the news is spreading! They were recently honored as the Best of Philly Home Bakery in 2022 and were also featured on Fox 29 Good Philadelphia. You can watch the video showcasing their creations here. https://www.fox29.com/video/1430637. Elisa crafts treat boxes, boards, and favors that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., or you can opt for their pick-up and delivery service. Further details can be found here. https://carepackagebakes.com/

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