Unforgettable Fun Awaits: Experience Urban Air Adventure Park

by TheSpot

Urban Air Adventure Park is not only an adventure but a playground utopia. A place of unforgettable fun that cannot only be imagined but experienced. Okay now that we got that out of the way, let’s answer the question: what is Urban Air Adventure Park? Well we may not have the complete definition but it’s as close to an indoor kids’ paradise as you can get. This franchise concept evolved fairly recently and after visiting the Sicklerville location, it is easy to see why it is poised for success.

Owners Rocco and Mahesh, were warm and welcoming. In existence for 3 years, this franchise is an impressive building consisting of a myriad of activities. As soon as we entered the premises, a birthday party was taking place. The establishment is bright, expansive, and multi-colored. I couldn’t help but notice that the grounds are strategically set up to meet the wonder and amazement of an adventure seeker. Imagination here is limitless. Platforms like Leap of Faith, Trapeze, and Wipeout are a few of the adventures in the park where kids propel their limitations. The Warrior Course is an obstacle course that tests your stamina and abilities. Can you hang on and catch the next hanging ring? It only remains to be seen. Just try climbing, crawling, jumping, and hanging without falling into the pit.

Virtual Reality is an immersive experience suitable for gamers or novices. The all ages experience allows you to fight off virtual dragons and robots in this alternate universe. If you’re looking for something a bit tamer, other games like Drop Zone are some options for some relaxed fun.

What is an adventure park without concession stands? They have that figured out too. An in house cafe serves all your favorite food delights. Kids’ preferences like pizza, chicken wings, and fries plus ICEE water ice can all be found at the cafe.  Memberships are available in several tiers that outline the best package for your family. The incentives and features included in annual memberships alone are worth the low monthly cost. Another sweet deal is that you can attend as many times as you wish throughout the month. Gift cards and tickets are also available for purchase. Urban Air Adventure Park is an impressive outlet that is educational, builds up confidence, and camaraderie. Ultimately, it is a place to create special memories. Don’t think of this as a kid party only destination. Mahesh explained that it is a popular choice for school events, team building, and camp. In addition, quite a few school fundraisers are held here.

What makes Urban Air Adventure Park unique and special? We live in a time of advancing technological inventions and it’s easy to spend hours with our electronic devices. Urban Air Adventure Park is a healthy and fun alternative to explore, exercise, and participate in group activities. It doesn’t have to be all about the kids. Entire families can reconnect in a way that brings out our inner 8 year old. I can say with just a slight bit of regret, that I only wish Urban Air Adventure Park existed for my 8 year old self.

Urban Air Adventure Park in Sicklerville is located in South Jersey and accessible in all major routes in the Greater Philadelphia region. For more information and questions about any of the activities mentioned in this article, visit http://urbanair.com.