VALLEY FORGE – Trails and Tribulations

by TheSpot

During the summer months, miles of shore and sandy beaches stand out prominently capitalizing on the warm weather and sunny days.  Although we look forward to the season between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there is another destination that also features prominently in the Northeast. Valley Forge National Historical Park is only 18 miles outside of Philadelphia and considered one of the most important turning points of the American Revolution. The park itself encompasses 35 miles of trails and is known nationally as an exceptional site for hiking and history buffs.

Valley Forge National Historical Park is the site of George Washington’s encampment during the Revolutionary War.  To understand the geographical location and its importance in Washington’s strategy, one can immerse themselves in the story of its surrounding hills.  The story of the birth of our nation will always take front and center and often featured in travel guides. Valley Forge National Historical Park offers plenty of modern leisure activities to locals and outside visitors alike. 

Take for instance the Joseph Plumb Martin trail.  You can walk or run the 5 mile loop.  There are several designated areas for parking.  Hike or bike the trail while passing by the famous sites in history.  Other trails include Chapel Trail, Mount Joy, Mount Misery, and others.  If you prefer bike riding, bicycle rentals are available near the Visitor Center.  How about a Sunday picnic for the family or friends gathering?  Picnic tables are available on a first come first serve basis.  


We recommend the trolley tour of The Encampment.  The tour is 90 minutes in duration and includes a guide.  Not only is it educational but gives insight on George and Martha Washington’s daily life during this important time in the nation’s history. Learn how the first U.S Continental Army was formed.  See the house where George and Martha stayed while Mr. Washington formed his strategies.  Replicas of log cabins are lined up in the fields to illustrate how soldiers and their families survived the elements and disease.  There are several stops along the way that make very good photo ops.. If you want to learn more about the history of this enchanting place, the visitors center lobby houses a museum as well as  features a short film on the importance of Valley Forge. 

Don’t forget Valley Forge as a premiere place for Fall Foliage. You can catch the peak colors and the city skyline so close to home.  For outdoor fun, history, changing of the seasons, or rejuvenating the senses, Valley Forge National Historical Park is an optimal setting.