The Future of Art: Wonderspaces

by TheSpot

Philly has always been one of the pivotal centers in the art world for many years.  Of course the Museum of Art houses classic works of art and sculptures matching other world class cities.  In recent years, the Barnes Foundation has become a focal point of attracting tourists to our city just to view the works of Matisse, Picasso, and Cezanne.

We came across two innovative and look to the future spaces for art.   Wonderspaces bills itself as Extraordinary Art that is interactive and immersive.  Museum of Illusions Philadelphia, takes a different spin, literally, on the definition of art.

Wonderspaces is a futuristic look on art exhibits.  What context is futuristic?  Upon entry, the first wall we came across is a chalk board.  Pre-set sentences such as “Before I die, I would like to_____” inviting the attendee to write down in chalk their hopes and dreams.  There is something warm and emotional in reading and writing those dreams.   Beyond the wall are separate rooms or spaces.  One room you can sit on a bench with virtual binoculars that takes you on a visual journey to outer space.  Another room is a wall of blank notepads where you are invited to write down your favorite song and a special memory. 

Museum of Illusions Philadelphia is a kaleidoscope of perceptions.  The various exhibits and rooms are designed to challenge your perception vs. reality.  Rooms such as the Anti Gravity Room, Rotated Room, and The Vortex Tunnel test your brain’s functions like never before.  You may feel like you’re upside down or turning 360° while completely standing on a flat surface. 

Two examples of innovative and exploratory spaces to stretch your mind, question your perceptions, and experience art in 2022 and beyond.  The future of art is here and it’s happening in the City of Brotherly Love.