5 Surprising Culinary Uses for Lavender to Make Your Summer Pop!

Simple and Effortless Ideas

by TheSpot

After our visit to Field & Flock Lavender Farm, we were inspired to create recipes to embrace the season. Lavender farms are in bloom and we came up with five surprising easy uses for lavender to get your summer in gear at the beach, on the deck, or in your sunroom. Here’s a little fun fact. The word July derives from Julius Caesar. Hence the month of July represents an imperial figure of antiquity and purple symbolizing nobility and power. Don’t forget that here in the United States 4th of July is celebrated with the red and blue and combined you guessed it… makes purple! So while this misty flower is experiencing it’s peak bloom, why not make your summer pop with lavender in culinary recipes?

The fragrant smell of lavender serves as an instant de-stresser. That’s why it’s no surprise that people are re-discovering the benefits of lavender in tea, honey, and baked goods. Imagine waking up in your happy place relaxed and rejuvenated? Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate lavender in some of your dishes. Lavender is delicate and aromatic therefore makes a great companion to meats, fishes, and desserts. We recommend using the buds of the flower and preferably dry while adding to certain foods. You may very well find them at a fancy hotel, restaurant, or your favorite cocktail lounge but most likely accompanied with a steep price tag. Can you make your own and add a little fun while doing so? Absolutely! The good news you won’t have to travel far and wide for exotic ingredients. Mid-summer is the time for beach picnics, backyard barbecues, or she shed moments for yourself. Sit back, taste the sunshine, and indulge in your favorite treat!

  1. Lavender Sugar -This is rather easy. Simply add dried lavender buds to sugar and keep in a small mason jar to set aside for baking. Make your favorite cookies, cupcakes, or basically any type of dessert that is lavender inspired. A teaspoon in your coffee adds hints of floral notes.
  2. Lavender Tea -Add dried lavender buds in a diffuser while boiling tea. Once tea is hot, add the diffuser in your favorite tea for an added bonus of unwinding and calmness
  3. Lavender Ice Cream – You can actually make your own lavender infused ice cream. All that is needed is a bit of milk, heavy cream, add in some dried buds and oila!
  4. Lavender in the Oven – I started using lavender as a seasoning several years ago and it upped my cooking game for my family. Because this flower is so aromatic, less is definitely more. Roasted chicken, lamb, and fish with this fine seasoning is a game changer!
  5. Lavender Inspired Beverages -The possibilities are endless. Lavender ice tea, lavender lemonade, or lavender mojitos if you want to kick it up bring friends and summer together like bees to lavender honey. See what I did there?