by Emily Higgins

Experiences for a Balanced Life in the Philadelphia Region

What we do

Tightening the bond women have with their community, family, and themselves.

How we do it

A digital magazine filled with unique experiences that give people the inspiration, tools, and resources to discover a balanced life.

Meet Toni

Hi, I’m Toni!

I’m on a mission to reconnect people back to their families, their communities, and their purpose. Think of me as your personal virtual concierge. I’m here to help you step outside of your day-to-day and rediscover your own backyard. Whether you want to find a new activity for the kids, get out for a girls night, or need an excuse to have some “me time,” I’m here to help.

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Core Values

Supporting local businesses and the local economy

Celebrate yourself

Enabling curiosity

Simplify to grow

Kindness to your neighbor to grow unity