The Philadelphia Flower Show: Why It’s a Must See Spring Event

by TheSpot

After two years of breaking from tradition, the Philadelphia Flower Show, was held outside at Franklin Delano Roosevelt or FDR Park in South Philadelphia. Like many organizations, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society had to come up with a plan to co-exist in a pandemic world. Hence, two years in a row, the Flower Show transformed FDR Park into a fairytale spring oasis.


The excitement for 2023 is that it is back indoors at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Judging by the attendance of the first day, this event is the biggest and brightest of the year. The theme no less is The Garden Electric. What does that mean? The PHS explains that it is centered on “the spark of joy and excitement while giving and receiving flowers.” At the entrance, that moment comes when stepping inside a floral eden of bliss. The week long event is heralded by every outlet to bring you all the beauty and trends of spring forthcoming. Be prepared for a day or more of experiencing the final winter days as we look ahead to re-birth and renewal. Here are a few of our favorite displays.



The hanging vines intertwined with lights at the entrance gives the visitor a bolt of excitement of what’s to come. The picturesque ceiling of twinkling lights gives the feeling of just stepping out of an urban world and stepping into a garden utopia.


Studio Exotica is a Studio 54 inspired garden dance floor. Fauna and flowers meet spinning disco balls and lights. A marriage of bouquets and Andy Warhol will kick up your heels like a Donna Summer video. We’ll even bet that you won’t just walk through this space but dance through it.


Eye Candy

Hungry? Eye candy is a clever take on all your favorite sweets. Donuts, Cake, and Cup Cakes in flower arrangements are the stars of this display. These displays behind a window give an added artistic impression of peeking into a bakery window of an old Philadelphia neighborhood. Pink and pastels paint the walk way.

Florid Electron

Harijanto Setiawan, a Singapore based event designer and florist, also worked with Chanel, Dior, and Hermes. Get your smartphone out, strike that pose, and get in line for you Instaphoto opportunity in front of the electric spiral. His exhibit on the lesser known beauty of flowers in night gardens creates an enchanting aura.


Don’t miss out on a range of activities new and returning. Here are a few of note: Butterfly Live! An exotic butterfly room dedicated to observing butterflies in a serene environment for all age groups. Artisan Row will be hosting crafting events from floral crowns, candles, bouquets, and more. Design and Dine is a flower arranging activity enjoyed with a light meal. Kids Cocoon is a play area where kids can spend time in activities related to discovery, education, and exploration. Other events include early morning and photography tours. Information can be found on the PHS website.

Whether you are a first timer or returning visitor, The Reading Terminal Market, is right next door and a perfect opportunity to experience food traditions of old Philadelphia and modern establishments. It recently celebrated it’s 130th birthday so what better way to celebrate! Don’t forget shopping with nearby Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, Apple Store, plus much more all within walking distance.

Why is this a must see event? It is where the natural world meets the art world. Artists, designers, and florists travel from all around the world to contribute their art and ideas. For this week, we can observe and experience these gifts to enrich our lives and surroundings. Happy Spring!