Morning Glori Farmette – Where You’ll Find Farm and Charm

by TheSpot

What makes an alpaca farm so charming?  The cousin of llamas, alpacas are gentle and provide an array of benefits to an entire community. We came across Morning Glori Farmette after learning their story and we just knew we had to visit their location.  Brian and Angela, a young couple from Philadelphia, decided on a new direction and took a chance on their dream.  Their timing could not be more perfect as it was just a few months before the world shut down.

The farm, located in Marlton, NJ, is tucked away in a residential area.  We found Angela in front helping young children feed the alpacas. It was approaching mid afternoon and the children were dispersing.  The farm typically tries not to keep alpacas out during hot summer days because of their thick fur.  Something new we learned on site. 

After our initial meeting, Angela showed us around the farm and immediately allowed us to feed the alpacas their treats.  This was a first time experience and we got to learn some of the names.  There was an alpaca who was a nursing mom.  We were able to see her baby was off in the distance.  We met Party Crasher, yes the name was chosen due to the fact that he was born during a party!  We also met Rocky Balboa, an older gent who likes to hang with the teenagers. 

Some of the facts that we learned from Angela, are that alpacas are originally from Peru.  By the 1980s, alpacas had arrived in California and made their way to the East Coast.  According to, there are 5,000 registered alpaca farms in New Jersey alone.  They are also considered part of the 4-H animal group.  4-H, a U.S. based youth network, embodies their mission of engaging youth and leading with their motto of “head, heart, hands, and health.”  Alpacas’ gain in popularity can also be attributed to one important fact: their fiber or fur. 

Angela showed us their adorable boutique showcasing hats, gloves, scarves, socks as well as home decor.  What is especially unique is that the alpaca fiber is hand spun or sent off to a mill and made into yarn.  From there, local artisans crochet the yarn into apparel..  As a testimony to the feel and texture, it is truly one of the softest materials to the touch.  Another fun fact, their fiber is naturally moisture resistant which adds another perk of winter wear.  If you’re looking for that special Christmas gift, these are it. 

Morning Glori Farmette is leading to provide education in farming, offering yoga with alpacas, and a playground for children for various activities.  We learned so much from Angela.  Morning Glori Farmette is a family friendly farm that allows visitors to interact and experience farm life.  Now that’s an A+.