A Sweet Way to Wellness and Better Health

by TheSpot

Trends in wellness and beauty are perpetually evolving and advancing.  From the ancient Egyptians to the ancient Romans, thermal springs, mud baths, and ointments are as ancient as civilization. 

A new method of wellness has appeared showing to be  scientific as well as cerebral.  Himalayan salt caves, in the last few years, have  gained popularity.  We recently visited one to find out why.  First however, what are the health benefits of visiting a salt cave?  Respiratory Health, Better Sleep, and Skin Health are the main themes here. 

So where did the concept come from?  According to the Salt Therapy Association website, Salt Therapy was first developed in Poland in 1839 by Dr. Feliks Boczkowski.  After studying salt miners and improvements to their respiratory ailments, he went on to develop a health facility devoted to salt therapy. 

What exactly is a salt cave?  Today, wellness spas dedicate rooms made of Himalayan Salt and or include salt lamps.    How can salt rooms actually work towards health benefits?  Halogenerators release salt particles in the air at a comfortable temperature and absorb irritants and toxins allowing you to breathe better.

So to discover more about these health benefits, we visited The Salt Cave in Newtown, PA.  We paid for an hour session to experience for ourselves this new phenomenon.  Prior to booking the appointment, we were advised to drink lots of water as you may feel thirty even for a day or two after.  We were led  to a salt room with low lighting and lounge chairs.  The room really added to other worldly ambiance.  Think of galaxies and the universe.   At the start of our session, our instructor gave a short tutorial on what the experience would entail.  A box of tissues was available for nasal drainage that was expected.  As an allergy sufferer, this was much appreciated.  Although we went for the basic salt room session, they did offer a session plus reflexology.  Being this was our first visit and not sure entirely of the experience, adding  reflexology to the package would make it a much holistic experience.  Nevertheless, after one of hour of breathing comfortably in a chair, listening to relaxing music, and feeling a light spray of pure minerals, we were satisfied.  Breathing was much better, tense muscles melted away, and yes we felt a glow.  I did not feel any type of excessive thirst however speaking to others, they were varied in that regard. 

Would we do this again?  The answer will be yes. We think it will be worth your while to visit various wellness spas offering salt therapies to find the best that suits your needs.  This may be a fad or it may be not.  Either way, the benefits of self care will always rise above once you dedicate prioritizing yourself.