Achieving Great Heights – Montco

by TheSpot

Doesn’t it seem we get inundated with gym commercials right around the holidays or beginning of summer?  You could be watching your favorite series and Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley pop up with the latest exercise equipment to get you fit and in shape.  When it comes to fitness, we have so many options to choose from.  How many of us think fitness involves a gym and monthly fee?

After researching what our region has to offer, rock climbing was something you probably heard about or perhaps did it once or twice.  The Gravity Vault was something we wanted to experience first hand and see what it was really about.  It was easy to make plans with two locations, Vorhees and Radnor, in our area.  We visited the Radnor location to discover more.

The location is tucked away in the woods with a wooden mini bridge to get to the entrance.  Upon entry, a large open room greets the visitor.  For a first timer, the room and simulated cliffs can seem daunting.  Luckily  we were able to purchase a day pass and an instructor to explain how it all works.

At the start, you must sign a waiver.  After the paperwork is completed the instructor is then  ready  to give you an initiation.  According to the website, they offer Top Rope Climbing, Lead Climbing, Bouldering, and Auto Belays.  If you do not have belay certification, bouldering is the only available option.

The instructor gave  a brief tutorial on the right way to initiate the climb.   If you get a little  nervous about falling, just know that  that foam mats surround the boulders.  Shoes are not allowed on the mats.  There are large open spaces with artificial boulders or cliffs.  Some have hanging harnesses and there are smaller boulders. They do have  foot grips built into the wall that are color coded to guide you on the correct path of climbing.

This was a different form of exercise which was physically exhilarating but also left an imprint of accomplishment.  For someone with a fear of heights (me) the experience was the proverbial testing the waters.  After observing our surroundings, you couldn’t help but smile watching children get excited over their achievements.  Watching little humans reach their heights excited and fearless, serves as inspiration to try something new and different.

The Gravity Vault does offer a variety of activities such as birthday parties and camp that make great family experiences.  Maybe just maybe, we’ll aim for that belay certification next time around.