Five Ways of DIY Event Planning

Why It's Worth Your Buck

by TheSpot

As home entertainment becomes more sophisticated each year with technology, Americans are opting to create their event experiences at home or party space. Rather spend top dollar on a night out and feeling dissatisfied, there are ways to host an event that is budget friendly The advent of home and cooking channels has given us opportunities to flex our cooking skills or hosting a girls night in with flair. The New Year is coming up quick so we spoke to Senior Director of Events at BCA Philadelphia, Michelle Mazer, about some diy event planning tips.

There was a time where your friend group thought nothing of spending a $100 on a New Year’s Eve package at a bar with top shelf liquor and not much else. Today it’s not hard to imagine that coming out of a pandemic and inflation so high, the pre-packaged bar scene isn’t so appealing. So how can you host a fab party at home or party space and not bust your budget? Michelle gave us some ideas which we think are just fab.

DIY Gourmet Cheeseboard

Often times you could be dining at a restaurant and the cheeseboard can almost be the cost of an entree. Well with a little creativity on the grocery list, you can probably create something for half the price. Take out your plain ole’ wood cutting board and dress it up with about 3 types of cheeses to give some variety. Add water crackers, nuts, and fruit like grapes and strawberries… Voila! Go really gourmet with adding a couple of marmalade jars to pair with the cheese. Heck, you can even give it a holiday boost by adding cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.

Homemade Succulent Centepieces

Succulent Centerpiece

Candles and centerpieces pull together the table and gives your party that wow factor. Who doesn’t love pretty flowers on beautiful linen? Small succulents can be anywhere from $2-$5 and you can find an array of containers in dollar and craft supply stores. Add some winter greens and solid color candles to upgrade your style. The little extra makes some great photo ops and party goers love a beautiful backdrop.

Mismatched Dinnerware

What you may think is out is actually in. There are no rules on matchey matchey styles anymore. As a matter of fact, mismatched is in! Mismatched plates and chargers, colored glasses, stretch your imagination and for a colorful dining space or buffet table. Try different colored cloth napkins. We’re talking diverse patterns and textures. It’s all about being stress free and making it a fun environment. These items can easily be picked up a thrift stores or your nearby Goodwill at deeply discounted prices

DIH Event Planning

Picture Frame Table Settings

Setting a picture frame on the tables can be set up for fun games or just having fun with friends and family. Do couple photos, your pets, or include your favorite pics of a memorable vacation. Some game ideas like True or False and Charades can be fantastic ice breaker based on your picture frames.

Lottery Ticket with a Penny Attached

Who doesn’t love a game of chance? Scratch Offs are an easy fun option and serves as a little break in the party by a simple scratch off. Attach the penny with a piece of scotch tape and place it under the plate for a pleasant surprise for your guest. It’s a fun way of saying thank you for coming out and spending time with you.

Michelle Mazer is a Senior Director of Events at BCA Philadelphia. Inquiries about her work can be directed on her social media outlets.