Your Winter Guide for Best Skincare

Level Up Your Skin This Winter!

by TheSpot

The changing of the seasons can wreak havoc on your skin.  Depending on the climate where you reside, weather patterns can range from bitter cold, wind, and rain.  Stress of the holidays plus keeping up with our busy lives, doesn’ leave much time for a good skin and makeup routine.  How do we elevate our skin game with so much going on?  We spoke with Philadelphia licensed esthetician, Dianna DiMambro about some helpful guidelines.

How many of us women page through social sites and the page jumps out with images of  heavy foundation, thick finger length eyelashes, and rainbow eyeshadow colors?  Sure, sometimes it’s fun to play with make up but Dianna’s philosophy is about having your best features stand out; not mask them.

Dianna specializes in skincare and has a loyal client list whom she attends to on a regular basis.  She also is an eyebrow and make up specialist which you can see her work on her Instagram page, The Brow Beater.  Dianna’s guide to skin and make up are focused, measured, and fairly simple.  Before we get to her make up enhancement tricks, we go more in depth on Dianna’s skincare routine that she uses for herself and her clients.  For Dianna, it all starts with the first impression of great skin.  Her first rule is to stay away from harsh cleaners.  Dianna’s advice is to choose a hyaluronic acid cleanser which is lighter and foamier to the skin.  Before bed, damp your face and apply.  The next order of business is to apply a multi peptide serum and lock in for one minute.  A multi peptide serum helps to support elasticity and smoother skin.  She also recommends during the winter months, adding Aquaphor Healing Ointment as the final step in your before bed routine.  


This time of year, our lives are so busy with holiday parties and all kinds of winter activities to follow specific make up trends.  Dianna’s offered some true and tried advice that you can use all season long and throughout the year.  Her number one beauty philosophy is to take your best feature and enhance it.  Her belief is that your best feature is the first thing that people see so why not make your best first impression?  She does not believe in using a full face of foundation but did share a trick that she lives by.  Find an illuminating cream that matches a liquid foundation of the same shade and mix together.  Add to your face where the light will reflect such as underneath the brow bone or cupid’s bow (the point right above your lips).  Mature women should stay away from shimmer tones around the eyes.  For lips, Dianna recommends a lip stain then gloss over it.  Make up application overall should best stick to monochromatic. 

Lastly, because one of Dianna’s specialties is eyebrow care, grooming of your eyebrows should be part of your beauty routine.  Some tips to eyebrow upkeep is to brush up your eyebrows and apply clear mascara to keep them in place as well as giving off a nice shine.  

We love Dianna DiMambro’s simple guide to beauty.  The elements may be harsh outside but her tips help keep our faces soft and clean on the inside.  Follow The Brow Beater/Dianna DiMambro on Instagram for more beauty regimens. 

Make Up by Dianna DiMambro