Flavorful Finds: How DiBruno Bros. in Wayne, Pa. is Redefining Specialty Foods

by TheSpot

As we scroll through social media, how many of us stop and go through all the photos of that friend who is away in Europe or some far off land?  We’re studying the backgrounds, what they’re eating, and who they’re with.  If we’re not on vacation but dining somewhere special, how many of us are guilty of taking photos of our dishes and posting them?  Guilty.  It almost seems so normal that we no longer question why.  We believe the answer is that we are living in the moment and want to share our moment. 

We visited Di Bruno Bros. Wayne and if we’re betting on a dining experience that is ethereal, we’re holding the winning hand on Bar Alimentari.  The Italian word alimentari simply means food.  The simplicity of the word alludes to its’ elegance.  The display of curated wine, charcuterie, and gourmet cheeses demonstrates only a portal of what Bar Alimentari has to offer and how they’re redefining specialty foods.

Upon entering the establishment, you’re immediately transported to a Parisian cafe.  An arch wrapped with a garland of lemons and twinkling lights brings to life a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Small tables and wicker chairs sketch a picture of good conversation and great wine.  Yet, there is beginning to the journey.  Their famous cheeses are on display with a cheese professional ready to greet you with their expertise.  Almost immediately approaching the cheese counter, Evan greeted us with samples of cheese as he explained the textures and flavors.  Jason Asher, Director of Di Bruno Bros. Wayne and Ardmore, took us on a tour of the Wayne location to show us all it has to offer.  He explained that cheesemongers receive continuing education on the most up to date cheeses and source the best of the best.  


One of the standout features is their gift basket station.  They have the option to either create your own personalized package with the help of a sales associate or order specialty gift baskets online.  A genius amenity that does away with the stress of gift giving. 

What you may not know is that Di Bruno Bros. offers their own label wine which the Di Bruno Bros. team actually collaborates with winemakers to develop unique brands.  Erica Field, Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer, added that they went as far as crushing the grapes to get the all around experience of winemaking.  Their wines are either sold separately or can also be paired with other various items for events or special occasions at their establishments.  For the coffee lovers, they’ve partnered with artisan coffee roaster, Caffe Umbria, which serves up a truly unique Italian coffee experience.  Popular opinion says that coffee and wine make great gift basket accessories for the holidays!

The wine section is as large and impressive as any wine and spirit chain if not moreso.  Jason explained to us that great care is taken on selecting wines that are not sold elsewhere.  The idea is exclusivity.  At Bar Alimentari, don’t be deceived by the modest decor.  It is a full service restaurant.  The atmosphere is meant to be relaxed and lively with great food and conversation. Full sections such as Arrosto, Pane Dolce, and Chef’s Counter  are dedicated stations serving the highest quality meats, roast, prepared dishes, and  sweet delicacies.  The patron is participating in a culinary adventure.  

Foccaceria (pronounced Fo-katcha-reeha), is a new sandwich station now serving large made-to-order sandwiches using their famed artisanal meats and cheeses we have all come to love.  You must top off any meal with dessert.  Di Bruno Bros. is one of the few select establishments that carry Venchi Fine Chocolates from Turin, Italy and Philadelphia staple Isgro Pastries.  Are you looking for a nutritious meal that can be quickly prepared during your busy days or nights? Consider trying out their cast iron pizza program or try Di Bruno Bros. to go meals, which are designed to cater to the needs of busy parents and individuals with hectic schedules. These meals can be easily heated up and enjoyed at any time, providing you with a wholesome and satisfying dining experience.

Di Bruno Bros. Philadelphia is a valued and trusted name where generations of families filled their tables with highest quality cheese and charcuterie.  Di Bruno Bros.Wayne is not just an eatery or dining establishment.  Today, it is a gathering place to replenish your senses and signal “unwind.”  It is where we connect with conversation, delectable bites, and chill wines.  

Di Bruno Bros. brings trusted old world traditions to the new world of taste.  Lastly, the outdoor patio is a congenial option on warm days and early evenings. 

It’s time to uncover Di Bruno Bros. Wayne, PA.  It is our choice to catch up with a friend, shop in nearby plazas, or unwind after the work day. Charm, elegance, and taste are qualities that are tried and true and never go out of style.   Visit their location at 385 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.