by TheSpot

South Philly has been location to many iconic films and in some cases background settings for film and television. Hollywood movie stars walked along the small streets, dined at local restaurants, and occasionally popped up at a sports game or two. Local residents know that South Philly provides a rich tapestry of real life characters, family histories, and workplace comedy. Often times, the locals may remark that someone should make a tv show. Well creators, Steven Sacavitch and Terry McFadden have done just that.

Joey’s Place is a half hour dramedy that scoops in all of those loveable traits in a mixing bowl. It is a story of an eclectic group of employees, family members, and sinister forces. Throw in the added ingredient that Joey is a crime boss who conducts his business in his local eatery, well we have to say… it’s a recipe for disaster. Steven Sacavitch and Terry McFadden are award winning filmmakers and actors that bring to life these characters in a real and authentic way. The concept of Joey’s Place is to bring forth all of the complex ties of human relationships together with comedy and emotion. The idea is to explore past traumas that affect our daily adult lives. The additional cast members: Frank Volpe, Kristen Minter, Maro Delo, and Hudson Chance play central characters in the story that bring their chemistry to the chaos. Each are professional actors with various film and television performances under their belts.

The production team currently is focusing on making the pilot episode a reality through Indie GoGo. The campaign is looking for backing and support to create the best possible visually and technically appealing pilot with the hopes of being picked up. Philadelphia is a special place for story telling. We bring warmth and neighborly affection in our every day lives. We are enriched culturally and personally when we continue to bring our stories alive in our way. For information on how you can support the production of Joey’s Place, click on the link below. Let’s keep the camera rolling!