by TheSpot

Upon meeting local actor Frank Volpe, one immediately feels at ease.   This is due to the fact that he hails from Northeast Philadelphia and currently resides in Bucks County, PA.  During our conversation, a large Sixers poster loomed in the background solidifying his status as a Philly sports fan.   Within minutes, it became evident that Frank possessed the qualities of a friendly neighbor who takes the time to greet you and inquire about your well-being.  Frank is set to portray the lead character Joey in the highly anticipated television project, Joey’s Place.    Our discussion covered topics ranging from sports to favorite restaurants, all the while exploring why Joey’s Place is poised to become the next big sensation.

The tv series centers around a local bar/restaurant owner who dabbles in organized crime while grappling with his conscience in a tug of war between good and evil.  The voice of reason comes in the form of 12 year old actor, Hudson Chance, who plays Joey’s younger self.  “Pressure Cooker” is the pilot episode and full of dysfunctional high jinks.  Joey is smack dab in the middle of planning a heist at the restaurant when his wife makes an appearance with in-laws in tow. 

The role of Joey is multi-faceted which offers an exciting opportunity for Frank to explore various characteristics.  Volpe’s skill sets include stunt work and martial arts, particularly Muay Thai.  We asked if he is able to apply those skills on set.   If a role calls for physical activity, Frank is all in.   So how did Frank connect with creators, Terry McFadden and Steve Sacavitch, and ultimately land the lead role?  According to Frank, he came across a casting call which immediately piqued his interest.  Being from Philly, Frank knew right from the start that he wanted to be a part of the series.   We asked him what made this role so appealing. and his response was that he’s looking forward to interacting with vibrant characters and filming in South Philly.  His impression is that Joey’s Place is in essence a love letter to the neighborhood. 

What can audiences look forward to?  Volpe is eager to show Joey is a good guy at heart.  He acknowledges that Joey may not always make wise decisions but aspires to portray the layers of attributes to his character’s shadow self.   And what does Frank think of working with young actor Hudson Chance?  He tells us that working with kids can be fun and looks forward to learning a thing or two. 

Frank is well on his way to building up his portfolio which leads us to the question of who are his biggest role models in pursuing acting full time?  If the words DeNiro and Pacino are on the tip of your tongue, you may want to think again.  Surprisingly, Frank cites his parents.  In his words, his mother was a strong advocate for doing “what makes you happy” as long as he was putting in the work and time.  It’s also easy to see the admiration for his father, who emigrated from Italy, and was able to start his own successful tile business.  

Finally, as a Philadelphia native, we were curious about what makes Philly a magical place from his perspective.   Frank drew a parallel between the atmosphere of the city during the 2017-2018 Eagles season.  He noted the sense of camaraderie and connection among sports fans and general population especially during the Super Bowl.  There is an indescribable bond that exists which cannot be replicated elsewhere.  Furthermore, we inquired about Frank’s favorite spot to unwind.  He revealed that he indeed has two favorite Italian restaurants in the city.  Although he hesitates to disclose them fearing partiality, we can assure you that both establishments are authentic and thriving.    Additionally, you can find Frank rooting for …you guessed it…his favorite home town team, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Frank Volpe all in all, shares his love of acting all the while reveling in the colorful world of Joey’s Place and for that matter Philly. For more information about Joey’s Place, discover more by clicking on the following link. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/unveiling-the-world-of-joey-s-place#/