Proof Positive Way to Dine

by TheSpot

The fall of 2021, The Harris Poll conducted a poll where 1 in 5 Americans reported “heavy drinking” related to pandemic stress.  As restrictions began to ease and restaurants were working diligently to bring back the dining scene, a new alternative cropped up creating buzz in the Philly restaurant scene.  Volstead by Unity, a 100% vegan and serving zero proof non alcoholic beverages, is a healthy alternative for diners that are accustomed to less choices when dining out.

The Volstead by its mere concept, is changing the very idea of quality as well as serving a dual purpose of addressing mental health and recovery in the community.  There can be a few challenges while dining out.  It can be somewhat of an unfulfilled experience with limited menus and overpriced cocktails.  The Volstead offers a robust menu that you download on your phone.  They are conscious of waste therefore eliminating paper menus seems to be a trend that surely will become more popular.

What is even more interesting are the zero proof drink menus.   Upon looking at the menu, it seems like the normal wine, beer, and cocktail selections you would see in any restaurant.  The Volstead offers these drinks but non-alcoholic and zero proof.  I chose a Surely Sparkling Rose which I detected no difference in taste and texture.  There were so many choices on the menu but I decided on Mediterranean sliders.  I was curious and my waiter explained that the sliders were made of beet and other plants.

Aside from the menu and selections, Volstead by Unity is forging a new path in the restaurant world.  This restaurant is gaining a loyal following not just by offering an alternative but a variety for all.  Eating for sustainability, eating for a mission, and eating for a purpose.