It’s Wine O Clock Somewhere

by TheSpot
Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

How many of us flip through travel magazines or pause online at a web page of France or Italy promoting a vineyard or exotic wine tour?  How many of us stop in a state store and go for a bottle of California chardonnay on our way to a party?  There have been some local wines produced in Pennsylvania that have been spotlighted in the past.

In the last few years, New Jersey wineries have become a one stop destination for wine and social gatherings.  According to the, New Jersey is the seventh largest wine producing state in the country.  Furthermore, the climate is ideal for various varietals in winemaking.

After visiting several vineyards  in South Jersey, there are three that we spotlighted.  Cape May Winery,  Autumn Lake Winery, and Renault Winery.  Each was distinct in their own right.  Even better, is that there are many to choose from no matter what the season.

Is there anything better than going to a vineyard by the beach?  Cape May Winery is a pleasant locale with vineyards, outdoor dining, and informative classes just a few miles from the beach.   The host of our wine class taught us various notes with taste and smell.  He also showed us  the differences between red and white.  Cheese and fruit boards make the perfect complement to a day of tastings.

Autumn Lake Winery, located in Williamstown, is on a gorgeous plot of land that I highly recommend getting together with your besties for some Instagram worthy memories.  Tables and firepits are available for reservation. The menu has good options for light fare but I would suggest ordering their delicious pizza.  Local acoustic musicians certainly add to the ambience.

Third on our list is Renault Winery.  Renault became the local winter favorite due to the Winter Wonderland theme they made popular.  Horse and carriage rides, ice skating and their own resort offers a variety of activities.  Our waiter was young and very knowledgeable about the history of the founder, Louis Renault.   One of the more unique fun facts we learned is that Renault Winery is one of the few establishments in all of the United States that can call their sparkling wine champagne.  A designation is only reserved for producers of grapes in Champagne, France.  Today, the resort continues to expand and have bigger plans.   Now that is something we can toast to!  Until then Cheers, Salute, and Grub trinken!