by TheSpot

Meditation and Mindfulness are topics of conversations centering on self-care and wellness. It is no wonder that the stresses of modern day living have brought on the increasing  popularity of mindful meditation in recent years.  Scientific evidence has demonstrated links of mediation to better health. There are many approaches to mindfulness and awareness through centers, yoga, and apps. We met with Kessuda Boonngamanong, Author and Mindfulness teacher as well as Yoga and Enneagram teacher at Yosuda located in Philadelphia.  Kessuda has a unique approach to her teachings and we set out to learn more.

Kessuda is soft spoken with a gentle voice.  As we sat with Kessuda, we got the feeling that she was curious about our story and what drives our passions.  Curious and inquisitive, we were opening up all the while forming a trust of our mutual purpose in life. 

Kessuda helps people to develop awareness skills to help them better understand themselves through mindful practice.  She offers different tools and techniques from her expertise like personality awareness from the Enneagram and Voice Dialogue.  Here clients then learn to cultivate skills for listening and communication.  

She works with clients one on one as well as group practice. In addition, she offers workshops for large groups.  We learned while speaking to Kessuda that one of the basic factors of practicing is understanding that as humans, we have emotions and fear is a natural instinct.  She strives to help people in areas of life that may be experiencing discomfort.


A strong point of her practice is first practicing compassion with yourself.  Kessuda studied International Relations and minored in philosophy in her native Thailand.  Kessuda prefers teaching to small groups as opposed to large classes.  Several of her clients have been with her for many years.  She developed a method called T.R.A.I.N.  It is an acronym for T=Tune In, R-Recognize, A-Accept, I-Investigate/Inquiry, N-Non-Attachment.  T.R.A.I.N is the springboard of Kessuda’s mission.  She begins with the why and helps a client get to know the inner self


Kessuda is the author of nine books.  The Mindfulness Yoga book (in Thai) is one of her more well known books.  Her most recent book is Peaceful Mind Awakened Life.  The book dives into strategies on living a more peaceful and joyous life.  In addition to her book, she hosts classes, workshops, and life coaching locally.  Thanks to Kessuda’s work, we can all benefit from learning important life skills to live a better and fulfilled life.  For more infomation about Kessuda’s practice, visit