Promising Young Star Show His Human Side in TV Series

by TheSpot

In the second installment of our series, we have the pleasure of interviewing a vibrant and talented performer. Maro Dēlo possesses a remarkable level of wisdom that surpasses his age. As an actor, musician, and model, this young individual appears to possess an abundance of gifts. By simply observing his work on his social media platforms and admiring his youthful charm, one might assume that Maro is bound for stardom. However, upon meeting Maro, we encountered a self-assured yet compassionate young man who triumphed over his insecurities to forge a path that was not necessarily straightforward.

We were curious how Maro found himself in a strong creative field at such a young age. Juggling music, acting, and modeling can be daunting for the most seasoned professional. We asked if he experienced a lightbulb moment.  According to Maro, there were several moments.  Maro possessed a passion and natural ability for music.  A family member introduced him to music producers at a networking event just a few years ago, which sparked the idea to pursue music as a career.   At the age of 18, he decided that he would pursue this path professionally. 

Acting and modeling came along but as Maro explains, he was not keen on the idea.  After teaming up with an acting coach who offered the right tools and support, Maro gradually embraced other opportunities.  In our conversation, Maro divulged that he was bullied as a child.  He took that humiliation and turned it into a positive by expressing power and control while on stage.  

Maro portrays Jett, a bar back with dreams of becoming a musician, in Joey’s Place. To what extent does Maro resemble his character? Maro shares his personal encounters in the food service industry and his own journey in the music world. He draws a parallel to Matt LeBlanc’s portrayal of Joey in Friends, highlighting how LeBlanc, as a struggling actor, played a struggling actor in the show. However, Maro asserts that while he can put “parts of himself through the door” he ultimately follows the director and producers’ vision.

Childhood trauma is a concurring theme in Joey’s Place.  Jett, will have his own set of challenges with a father who belittles him.  Maro is eager to tap into his own emotions to bring dimension to Jett.  Maro is not afraid of demonstrating his emotions.  In fact, he wants to show that it’s okay for men to show their vulnerable side.  He believes that if we can continue changing perceptions about what is considered feminine and masculine emotions, we could help end bullying.  

There is no doubt Maro Dēlo has a bright future ahead.  Opportunities for young talent to play multi-faceted characters not only enhances a story but gives audiences a chance to explore real life challenges in depth.  Philadelphia is rapidly becoming a creative hub in the world of entertainment.   We are a place of treasures that only continues to add to our rich tapestry of stories.  You can support production of the pilot  episode of Joey’s Place by clicking on the link.