Taking a Chance on Hudson Chance

From Unknow to Unstoppable

by TheSpot

Why take a chance on young actor Hudson Chance?  For one, we firmly believe that this twelve-year old possesses immense potential for a promising future.  In the upcoming series, “Joey’s Place,” set in South Philadelphia, the protagonist, Joey, grapples with lasting impact of childhood trauma.  Chance will portray Joey’s younger inner self, while Frank Volpe takes on the role of adult Joey.  This unique dynamic will undoubtedly present some interesting scenarios as the adult Joey confronts his twelve-year old self.  We had the opportunity to speak to Hudson about his role and what viewers can look forward to.

We were curious about why Hudson took an interest to this role.  He cites that he and young Joey have a lot of similarities.  For Hudson, there is some fun in store by playing a character from the past.  And what does he think if young Joey gets into trouble?  Well, it seems Hudson would enjoy playing both sides.  Chance is particularly curious about what leads Joey to some bad behavior.  Given that he is the same age as his character, Chance would have the ability to give a bird’s eye view on the complexities of Joey’s inner dialogue. 

Hudson’s love of acting sparked from when his mother signed him up for community theatre camp and he played one of the leads.  We asked if there any memorable parts that stood out. He tells us that he once played a lemon on stage. If anything, it generated a lot of laughs over his costume.  Considering Hudson’s journey so far, we’re sure it was the best lemon the audience had seen so far. 

It is evident why Hudson is a perfect fit for this series.  He has some sizeable role models within his own family.  His grandfather, is incredibly active at the age of 74, serves as an inspiration recently as he recently scaled Mount Everest.  Hudson also looks up to his uncle, who has shown him that with hard work and determination, goals can be accomplished.  Hudson Chance is not only a talented actor but participates in various hobbies to keep himself occupied.  Among his pastimes are soccer, swimming, football, and playing video games.  One of the perks of portraying Joey is that Chance gets to indulge in one of his favorite hobbies- video games. 

We begged the question, what would he enjoy about his time in Philadelphia?  Without hesitation, our famed cheesesteak.  He told us his favorite but we’ll leave the guessing up to you.  He reminds us that it is never too late to tap into our inner child to pursue our dreams.