The Delightful Experience of Afternoon Tea: A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Indulgence

by TheSpot

Love is an expression that manifests in a variety of ways.  There is romantic, familial, for friends or for any living being in our lives. There is self-care or self-love.  Whether we are healing or simply nurturing ourselves, loving ourselves is showing up for our best selves.

As Valentine’s Day and the equally popular Galentine’s Day are upon us, however way we choose to celebrate love, is really a matter of personal choice.  Cookie cutter ideas are becoming a thing of the past and we’re here for it.   Chocolate remains the ultimate symbol of the love month and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  As restaurants offer specialized menus and limited promotions, we found there are other delightful experiences that you can enjoy with your favorite people. 

Firstly, how often when making plans for a group, does the idea of a convenient bar serving up cocktails and perhaps a few bites springs to mind?  While coordinating schedules, the feeling becomes more or less like a job and the end result is something thrown together which takes the fun out.  There is always a time for a meet up but maybe there are some easier ideas that can give you back quality time.

Tea rooms or cafes devoted to tea time have gained popularity recently.   Perhaps a return to old-world traditions and elegance has bookings in high demand.  Either way, the ambience of a place setting, linens, tea cups, and finger sandwiches exudes an air of refinement.  A tea house allows these moments of leisure by sipping on a cup of tea, savor small delicacies, and engage in the art of conversation.  It allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment and cherish it. 

Why have a tea party gathering?  In addition to valuing precious time, it allows your loved ones to sample diverse tastes and traditions from around the world.   A Tase of Britain in Wayne, Pa, offers not only teas from across the pond, but also hard to find snacks and candy bars that can only be found in the U.K.  If you don’t want the experience to end there, an adorable gift shop offers many unique items that make great gifts or simply to take home a few mementos.  La Mademoiselle Macaron in Mullica Hill, NJ, offers a French experience with tea, fresh macarons, tarts, and pastries.  Select events and workshops are also available on their website.  For an elevated afternoon tea experience, The Mary Cassatt Tea Room in The Rittenhouse, is an old-world affair.  A Philadelphia tradition that will take you on a journey back in time. 

Schedules, appointments, sports activities won’t let up anytime soon.  We can however set aside an afternoon to relish in a world where time slows down, enjoy our company, and appreciate the exquisiteness of life.