by TheSpot

Philadelphia locals have had a long standing love for anyone in the public eye who appreciates who and what we are.  Do you know of any other city that turns out  a retirement tailgate for a local news anchorman?  Before our revered athletes, before our favorite newscasters, a pop culture icon visited and recorded in the City of Brotherly Love. 

David Bowie:  a musician, icon, father, and star.  There is little doubt he is up there with the rock and pop world’s influential greats.  Inspiring Madonna, The Cure, Lady Gaga, David Bowie’s distinct sound and look were works of art in itself.  He was an artists’ artist.

Philly Loves Bowie Week
Discover why this icon lives on in the City of Brotherly Love

Even by today’s standards, it’s a bit surreal to imagine that an iconic star such as David Bowie not only spent time here in Philadelphia, but also recorded one of his most recognized and iconic albums, Young Americans.  It was in the sacred halls of Sigma Sound Studios that It is said he forged lifelong friendships.  Bowie Week in Philly did originate all those years ago in 1974.  However, the week-long celebrations really took form after Bowie’s death in 2016.

Now in its seventh year, Philly Loves Bowie, celebrates his life in various happenings.  Kickoff parties, art exhibits at the National Liberty Museum, and even ice cream from Weckerly’s Ice Cream in West Philly and Fishtown all contribute to continuing the life and legacy of David Bowie.  A recent proclamation by the City of Philadelphia ensures that we continue this tradition for years to come.   This week, let’s play our favorite Bowie songs, sing out loud, visit a show or go to brunch. Let’s tune in to the art and Philly sound that inspired David Bowie himself.